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THE DAILY FEED 7.17.11 // The Price of a Victory in College Football and Other News and Notes

The Price of a Victory in Big-time College Football - Black Heart Gold Pants

A very interesting look at the role of money in college football. I was surprised to see how favorably the B10 compares to the SEC in this analysis. The discussion of the state of the Big East is also worth a look.

What I Love: Keith Jackson - Football Study Hall

A celebration of former college football broadcaster Keith Jackson.

Summer Vacation: Conference USA - Football Study Hall

Quick blurb from this fine site's predictions for ECU:

I'm throwing my hands up on this one. ECU's probably going to be a perfectly decent team this year, but how much of that is based on which side of the ball ... I have no idea. Virginia Tech and North Carolina come to Greenville this fall, following a meeting with South Carolina in Charlotte. Seven of 12 games are within the state of North Carolina, and if East Carolina proved anything in 2010, it's that they are capable of winning or losing just about any game on the slate. Go ahead and re-up on that Toprol prescription, ECU fans. It could be another interesting fall.