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SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot:

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

1. Florida Gators

Surprising loss to Arkansas, but perhaps it will be one of those losses that helps focus a team and leads to dividends down the road. Haven't been tested otherwise. May be interesting to see how they do against Kentucky this week without Yeguete.

2. Kentucky Wildcats

May be beginning to come together, although no particularly impressive wins other than at Ole Miss. Front line is posting incredible defensive and FG% numbers.

3. Missouri Tigers

Will be interesting to see how this team develops as Bowers settles back into the lineup. He struggled with foul trouble in the win over Ole Miss but should improve.

4. Ole Miss Rebels

Still look solid in Lunardi's bracketology, but could find themselves dropping fast if they suffer a surprise loss to a lower-tier team. Henderson's star has dimmed considerably after he's contributed to recent losses with poor shot selection.

5. Alabama Crimson Tide

7-3 in the league, but the loss to Auburn last week was atrocious, and given the number of close games this team has won over mid-tier competition, you have to wonder if their luck will run out eventually. A better version of South Carolina in the sense that their biggest flaw is lack of post presence.

6. Georgia Bulldogs

This team has quietly become a winner in recent weeks, taking five straight after a 1-4 start. There are some relatively good wins in there, too, including on the road at Tennessee and TAMU. Has significantly cut down on mistakes in recent games and plays efficient offense behind Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

7. Arkansas Razorbacks

Beat Florida at home by double-digits, lost on the road to South Carolina and Vanderbilt by double-digits. That about sums it up.

8. Texas A&M Aggies

Like Arkansas, a bit of a Jekyll-and-Hyde act, although without the home-away symmetry. Some good wins over Kentucky and Missouri, and some bad losses.

9. Tennessee Volunteers

This is a team that doesn't add up to the sum of its parts. Should be winning more games with players like Jordan McRea and Jarnell Stokes on the roster.

10. LSU Tigers

Would win more games if it could shoot free throws. Even the guards can't shoot them.

11. Vanderbilt Commodores

Sort of the anti-Alabama as a team that has had bad luck in close games. Some good pieces on this team that should help Vandy get back on the winning track in future years.

12. Auburn Tigers

Win over Alabama was nice, but 'Bama shot sub .300. Can't assume that's going to happen too often.

13. South Carolina Gamecocks

Has played a bit better than the record suggests, considering all the close losses, but just doesn't have the talent to make plays when it needs to.

14. Mississippi St. Bulldogs

Sitting at eight straight losses. Did have a close loss to LSU last week.