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Taking a look at South Carolina's 2014 wide receiver targets

After not signing a single WR in the 2013 recruiting class, the Gamecocks will be looking to add two or three wideouts in the 2014 cycle.

Joe Robbins

Gamecocks Out in Front for...

Shaq Davidson, Terry Googer, Braxton Berrios

With the way recruiting goes, it's improbable that South Carolina will pick up signatures from each member of this trio of wideouts for whom they currently lead. That said, if USC is able to pull off the trifecta here, it would likely represent one of the better wide receiver classes in the country and would fill needs at both the outside receiver positions (Davidson, Googer) and in the slot (Berrios).

The strength of their leans to USC are, in descending order, Davidson, Berrios, Googer. The latter has publicly backed off of his lean to the Gamecocks, but insiders seem to think that he still favors South Carolina behind the scenes. At the other end of the spectrum, Davidson has heavily favored USC since very early on in his recruitment and wouldn't be a bad bet to become the second verbal commitment in the 2014 class.

Side note: This would be a pretty fantastic group of names for an incoming wide receiver corps. Shaq Davidson could add to our legacy of outstanding Shaqs. Googer? Awesomeness self-explanatory. Braxton Berrios? Alliteration bonus. Use of "x" in first name bonus. Berrios' Twitter handle even alludes to a similarity between his surname and a popular cereal.

Shaq Davidson highlights
Terry Googer highlights
Braxton Berrios highlights

Gamecocks In the Mix for...

Thaddeus Snodgrass, Isaiah Ford, Blake Bone, Jaylan Barbour

Snodgrass is a top-end WR prospect that the Gamecocks have just recently become involved with. He is friendly with Braxton Berrios and Drew Barker but, outside of that connection, South Carolina appears to be a longshot at the moment.

Ford, Bone, and Barbour have all been offered but may not end up being "takes" for the Gamecocks if they are able to secure commitments from any three of Davidson, Snodgrass, Googer, and Berrios. (As you've no doubt read and subsequently been worried about, numbers will be limited in the 2014 class, so three would be the maximum number of receivers USC can take.)


Thaddeus Snodgrass highlights
Isaiah Ford Under Armour Combine
Blake Bone highlights