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Keith Bryant fails to deliver on promise to 'shock the world', signs with Florida State

I mean, how could you possibly follow up getting sent home from an official visit to Florida Atlantic?

With Skai Moore already on board and Tyrell Lyons having signed with Florida State, there was just one bit of Signing Day drama remaining for South Carolina: Keith Bryant, who is equal parts four star defensive tackle prospect and anthropomorphic manifestation of the concept of drama.

If nothing else, there appeared to be reason that something interesting would happen when Bryant announced his decision today on ESPNU:

This Signing Day Eve tweet from Keith Bryant notwithstanding, the four star defensive tackle ended up signing with Florida State, the program every recruiting analyst expected him to sign with.

To his credit, the Delray Beach star did everything within his power to throw recruitniks off the scent. He openly listed other schools as favorites while still being committed to Miami during the fall. He took a last minute official visit to Florida Atlantic. He got sent home early from a last minute official visit to Florida Atlantic for not taking his last minute official visit to Florida Atlantic very seriously. He tweeted that he couldn't wait to sign his letter of intent with Miami. He subsequently deleted that tweet. He had Kentucky and Southern Cal hats on his table at his announcement this morning.

So where does this leave the Gamecocks? Kelsey Griffin is the only interior defensive lineman to sign with the Gamecocks in the 2013 class. He could have an opportunity to play as a true freshman, depending on how Gerald Dixon, Jr., Phillip Dukes, and Deon Green develop during their third years in the program.

While South Carolina is by no means in dire straits at defensive tackle, it will be important for USC to sign two to three players at that position during 2014, especially if 2013 ends up being Kelcy Quarles' last year in Columbia.