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Half Cocked Podcast, Episode 86: Brandi Mills and Gman (Gamecock Sports And Social Media, Part 1)

A pair of our favorite Gamecock social media personalities join us to talk about the latest in Gamecock sports.


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In this edition of Half Cocked, the Garnet And Black Attack podcast...

George and I were joined by Brandi Mills (The Big Spur, #TeamGarcia) and Gman (The Rubber Chickens Blog) for part one of two in our series on Gamecock sports and social media. We break down a Harlem Shake video featuring a nearly nude Devin Taylor before being joined by the always entertaining Brandi Mills, with whom we discussed her new role at The Big Spur, the newly released "Hard Hitta" rap song featuring Melvin Ingram and D.J. Swearinger, Shon Carson's Instagram account, and the time Brandi asked Steve Spurrier about his appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. Then George and I are joined by Gman of The Rubber Chickens, who talks about what it was like interviewing Phil Kornblut and Carey Rich for TRC Unleashed, what he's looking forward to learning about the Gamecock football team during spring practice, and where you can pick up the latest Rubber Chickens duds. All that and more on this week's episode of Half Cocked.

Links of interest:

"Hard Hitta" (featuring D.J. Swearinger and Melvin Ingram)

"Harlem Shake" (featuring almost naked Devin Taylor)

Shon Carson's Instagram account

Steve Spurrier's appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show

Evan Marzilli's amazing catch

Rubber Chickens t-shirts