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The Feed Pail: April 30, 2013

Spanning the globe ...

One Series at a Time.
One Series at a Time.

It's difficult to keep track of which Gamecocks have made free agency signings. The SEC Digital Network reports as of yesterday that LB Demario Jeffery (Panthers), RB Kenny Miles (Giants) and DT Byron Jerideau (Chargers) have all signed preferred free-agency deals. I have read fan commentary that Adam Yates signed with the Jaguars, also. Does anyone have word on Shaq Wilson or Reggie Bowens - or any other Gamecock free-agents?

Yahoo! Sports Contributor Scott Semmler writes that 49ers’ Marcus Lattimore is Steal of 2013 NFL Draft. Well, we knew that already. But it's nice to see others see it also.

Mr.SEC's John Pennington hopes the football Playoff Committee has been paying attention to the NFL Draft.

Do we really only have the 14th best running back in the SEC? I'm not buying. And I have this sinking suspicion that we're going to be seeing more of Shon Carson than we might expect.

Billy "The General" Koehler at Leftover Hotdog has a great recap of the LSU series .

After the key series win at Baton Rouge, David Cloninger says that Holbrook only looking at next game. They all say that, of course.

Chad Holbrook's LHP sensation Jack Wyncoop is the SEC's freshman of the week - again.

As Gamecock Man predicted, former USC PG Eric Smith will finish his career at Coastal Carolina. Still waiting to hear where Richardson, Slawson and Leonard will land.

ESPN's SEC Blogger Chris Low pens a paean to his home town, Rock Hill, South Carolina a/k/a "Rock Thrill" - The best little football town/city in America.

Over at Bleacher Report, Lee Schecter posts his South Carolina Football: Game-by-Game Predictions for 2013. 12-0? I think its unlikely any SEC East team can run the table. (from 3.28.13).

College experience accelerates Roth’s career writes Danny Garrison of The Daily Gamecock (from 3.28.13). Both Michael and Jackie Bradley, Jr. have had shaky starts in the Bigs - let's hope they get settled-in.