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ACC Coaches in Favor of Retaining Coaches Poll in Playoff Committee

Joe Robbins

Year 2 at TSK has a post up regarding the ACC coaches' desire to include a coaches poll in the College Football Playoff selection process. In addition to agreeing with Y2 that this is a huge conflict of interest, I also have to point out the huge red flag that this is the ACC coaching establishment asking for a say in the selection process. It's no surprise that the SEC isn't asking for this, but even the B12 and B1 aren't doing so. Why not? Those conferences know that their teams that are undefeated or with one loss will have a decent chance at playing the national title game, and there are corollary probabilities for the main bowls. The ACC doesn't have such assurances, at least not to the same extent. Honestly, their claims that the coaches poll is worth including in the selection formula come off as weak agitprop when you think about it. What do you folks think?