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The Final Cockdown: #42 Jordan Diggs

Redshirt freshman and Gamecock legacy Jordan Diggs will compete with Sharrod Golightly for the starting SPUR position.

Jordan Diggs
Redshirt Freshman Spur
6'0", 214 lbs.
Fort Myers, FL

3 stars, 27th-ranked safety in the 2012 class
Other offers: Michigan State, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Nebraska, Auburn, Boston College, Connecticut, FIU, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Ole Miss, Purdue, South Florida, Stanford, UCF, Wake Forest, and West Virginia.

College Career:
Diggs appeared to be on track to contribute immediately as a reserve during his first year on campus, but ultimately ended up taking a redshirt after being sidelined with a left calf strain.

2012 Stats:
2 games played, 5 tackles, 1 tackle for loss

2013 Outlook:
Diggs was in a neck-and-neck battle with junior Sharrod Golightly for the starting SPUR* position during sprincg practice, but Golightly's experience is expected to give him the inside track for win the job entering the season. But even if Golightly is the starter for the opener against North Carolina, I wouldn't expect this battle to be necessarily settled by the end of fall practice. Diggs has great bloodlines, an offer list indicative of tremendous upside, and the ideal build and athleticism for the SPUR position. It wouldn't surprise me to see him take over the position by the end of the season.

*No, I don't know why this is always written in all caps.

Son of former Gamecock linebacker Shedd Diggs.

Possible Todd Ellis play-by-play call:
Murray drops back, checks his receivers, dumps it off to Jordan Jenkins-pressed into offensive duty because of a devastating team-wide stomach bug-and BOOM! Jordan Diggs levels him and the ball is loose! Gamecocks have it! [is handed notecard reading "USE THIS CALL IN CASE OF JORDAN DIGGS HIT".] Uh...well folks, if you don't know then now you know that the best way to describe that hit was JUICY, courtesy of the Notorious D-I-G....G...S! Wait, that was atrocious. Who wrote this? [Ellis turns to see Andy Demetra, arms folded and smirking.]

Demetra: Kiss the rings, player-SMOKE BOMB! [throws down smoke bomb, which is actually an avocado, skips down the hallway.]

Gamecock'n'Balls contributed to this installment of The Final Cockdown.