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The Morning Feed: 7/31/13

Today's Morning Feed closes out the last football-free month of 2013 in grand style.

The Johnny Manziel offseason drama is mostly a bunch of media-driven, ouroboric madness. But Wright Thompson, under the banner of the very company that has done so much to fan the flames of this dumpster fire, authored a brilliant story that cuts through the sexy headlines and provides an honest and insightful examination of Johnny Manziel's internal struggle and his family's attempt to navigate incredible change while remaining under the thumb of Texas A&M and the NCAA. Our friends at Good Bull Hunting caught up with Mr. Thompson just after the story was published.

Of course, ESPN probably would have done well to delay publishing the Manziel piece by a day or two, as it had the unfortunate side effect of overshadowing a horrific tragedy affecting the Texas A&M family.

"Let's not make this a lingering discussion." [writes article that makes this a lingering discussion] released its 'expert' predictions. Common themes included Jadeveon Clowney being pretty good, Steve Spurrier making a run at SEC Coach of the Year, and people having a hard time deciding between Georgia and South Carolina winning the SEC East.

I try not to wish injuries upon my opponents. But when I do, I hope that their ailments are highly treatable and keep them out just long enough to disrupt their chemistry with an inexperienced group of receivers.

I was a dumb 11-year-old in 1998. This handicap prevented me from understanding that the Gamecocks beating Ball State in the season opener was nothing to get excited about. The Rubber Chickens knew better.

It's fun to listen to football coaches talk football. So you might as well watch Stanford defensive coordinator Derek Mason explain techniques for defending against the read-option.

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