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The Daily Feed: 7/30/13

Steve Spurrier doesn't mind Jadeveon Clowney talking trash or having conversations with Jay Z and still only likes to grind in moderation

Steve Spurrier held his annual media golf outing on Thursday, and had his usual complement of zingers.

On Jadeveon Clowney's smack talk:

I don't put a muzzle on guys talkin'... We're not all like Marcus Lattimore, who never said a bad word about anybody... The problem is if you've got a loudmouthed guy who doesn't play worth a crap. Then you've got a problem.

On whether he's worried that Clowney jeopardized his eligibility by talking to Jay Z:

No, I do not, Phil [Kornblut]. He can have a conversation even with you. Did you know that? He can talk to anybody he wants to as long as he doesn't take anything of value from anybody. I think he knows that. That's been preached to him since he signed with us on February the 14th... 3 years ago? 2 years ago?

On whether his returning quarterback depth helped him sleep better during the summer:

I don't worry about the season during the summer. You mean when I was in Ireland playing golf or when I was in the Bahamas? Is that when I was supposed to worry about it?

Jadeveon Clowney is pretty good at playing football. Even the soft-spoken Mark Richt agrees. And the Mocking The Draft podcast - which you should go ahead and add to your rotation - spends a good 10-15 minutes talking about Clowney and his value in the 2014 NFL Draft.

The Gamecocks announce their fall practice schedule. Preseason practice will run from August 2nd to the 27th. The first week of practice will be open to the public.

The read-option is a badass play. Smart Football's Chris Brown explains why it's so effective and what NFL defenses are doing to try to stop it.

Latta OT Donnell Stanley has narrowed his college choice to a final four. Stanley will decide between South Carolina, North Carolina, Clemson, and Alabama. Should he choose the Gamecocks, he would likely round out their recruitment of offensive linemen for 2014.

Alligator Army did a pretty solid job of previewing the 2013 Gamecocks. They got a lot of things right that most other outsiders miss out on, such as the fact that the Gamecocks' returning running backs aren't a bunch of schlubs. (Although the incessant talk about stripping fumbles reminded me of how angry I got about the "violators" debate that followed the 2012 debacle.)

Darryl Slater is leaving the Charleston Post & Courier for the Newark Star Ledger. Let's take a moment to reflect upon his interesting approach to asking questions.

How The SEC Became the Most Successful Organization in College Sports History. If you can sift through the corporate management gobbledygook, there are actually some pretty interesting nuggets in here.

Are you a current student at South Carolina? Fancred is looking for brand ambassadors. If I was still a student, I would apply.

ETC: Thanks, I guess. Adrian Peterson is wired for sound and down for whatever. And Hurrah, amateurism!

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