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Justin King publishes 2013 Gamecock football preview video

If this doesn't get you excited about South Carolina football, then you do not have a pulse.

You could say that Justin King makes Gamecock highlight videos, and you would technically be right, but you'd also be completely missing the point. Any schmuck can edit together a series of plays, but it takes real talent to take those plays and evoke the emotional complexities involved with being a Gamecock fan: the thrill of ascending to national college football relevance, forged in the misery of a century of mediocrity, marred by having to watch the young man who was instrumental in getting you there sacrifice his body for the cause.

The inevitable result of King swirling together this emotional stew is people like me getting so pumped up that they want to run out of the tunnel at Williams-Brice and attempt to tackle people they should not be attempting to tackle. And that is why, when I become Earth's benevolent dictator, my first move will be to hire Justin King as Secretary of Propaganda.

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