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The Mt. Rushmore of South Carolina's Golden Age

What four visages would you chisel into granite as representatives of South Carolina's ongoing [knocks wood until September] Golden Age?

Pictured: nightmare fuel.
Pictured: nightmare fuel.
Doug Pensinger

When the end of any president's tenure in office nears, the legacy debate inevitably emerges. And while groundbreaking legislation and quotable speeches are nice and all, ain't no legacy like a FACE CARVED IN A MOUNTAIN legacy, amirite?

That's why the spirits of G-Wash, T-Jeff, A-Linc, and T-Roos need never worry about how they're perceived by future generations. Horse teeth? DON'T CARE FACE ON A MOUNTAIN. Sally Hemmings? DON'T CARE FACE ON A MOUNTAIN. And so on. Granted, the four presidents enshrined on Rushmore are among the most celebrated Commanders in Chief, regardless of the monument. And you could carve Warren G. Harding's mug out of K2's West Face and it wouldn't blot out the injustices of Teapot Dome scandal, would it? Most people who get monuments in the first place are already generally beloved (except for heartless despots like this and this.)

Nowadays, Rushmoring has become something of a standard practice for fansites that wish to anoint a quartet of top program representatives. It also sounds like the next fad photo pose, but I'll stop there so as not to encourage it. At any rate, we at Garnet and Black Attack have decided to stage a little fansourced contest to determine which four players should occupy the Golden Age of Gamecocks Football Mt. Rushmore.

LET THE TOURNAMENT BEGIN—right after a little...


What is the Golden Age of Gamecock Football?

For our purposes, the Golden Age will cover the last four seasons. That's the 2010 SEC East winning season, and each of the ensuing 11-2 seasons.

Who is eligible?

Any player who graced the roster at some point from 2010 until last season. We considered constraining it to players who spanned at least two seasons, but that should take care of itself. But you are welcome to vote for Jarvis Giles based on his pre-transfer 2010 contributions if you so choose, although we suggest you first click here.

What's the criteria?

That's up to you. Meanest player? Best program ambassador? Most memorable personality for better or for worse? Dopest hair? Some combination thereof? It's your decision, pal.

How do I vote?

Via a Survey Monkey survey, which is linked below.

How many players can I vote for?

You can vote for four players who participated at some point from 2010 to 2014. (Note: You can technically vote for more than four because I couldn't put a ceiling on it, but be a sport and limit it to four. You do have to pick at least four, by the way.

When does voting end?

Let's say a week, and that's not even firm. If we need more votes, or if the numbers are still climbing, we'll extend it.

Can I post who I voted for in the comments before the polls close?

Yes! We encourage any spirited debate/childish flamewars that may result from this little contest.

Will the top four vote-getters be Photoshopped onto Mount Rushmore?

Why do you think I'm doing this in the first place?