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For the low price of $98,000, you can own a South Carolina basketball court

An entrepreneurial poster on Craigslist offers a priceless item for the Carolina fan that truly needs to have everything - the basketball court used in the Frank McGuire Arena and Colonial Center from 1998-2002.


Ed Note: Since this is on the internet, that means there is a strong likelihood it is fake.  That doesn't make me enjoy it any less.

The phrase "real fan" gets thrown around from time to time by people on message boards and the internet, challenging the concept of what constitutes a fan of enough vigor to warrant respect as a fan.  People show their fandom in numerous ways - they attend games, they watch on TV, they read well-written, thoroughly researched thinkpieces on respected blogs, and they purchase items associated with the program.

Some of those purchases are simple things like t-shirts or sweatshirts or home decor.  Other times, they purchase very poorly conceived items from the school's team store.  But every once in a blue moon, an item comes along that allows a fan to shut down any challenges he or she may receive to their love of school and sport.

Are you looking to definitively prove your love of South Carolina, and wish to do so not via enjoying our sports program but instead possessing a material item that costs nearly six figures and has few if any practical uses?  Well then Gamecock fan, get thee to Craigslist:

This is the Carolina Coliseum Horner Pro King basketball floor. Assembled, it measures 56' x 112'. The USC Gamecocks played on this floor in the Coliseum in their seasons from its installation in 1998 to 2002. Looking at photos from the Colonial Center (before it was called the Colonial Life Center) it also appears to have been the first floor that was used there. It was used in recent history for team practices. It is made up of 4' x 8' sheets of hardwood maple. The classic Gamecock logo adorns Center Court, with garnet and black trim in foul territory and at the keys. The pictures were taken while the center part of the floor was temporarily set up for the Frank McGuire ceremony a few weeks ago.

This is an absolutely authentic, one-of-a-kind, once in a lifetime find. The 4' x 8' panels can be used as amazing flooring or paneling for your USC fanatic's play room, office, home or business or unique furniture.

Will deliver FREE to anywhere within a 50 mile radius of Columbia, SC. Installation is not included.
$98,000 or make an offer for the whole floor or large sub sections like center court.

While it's not immediately clear how much a basketball court that doesn't have the history associated with the start of the Dave Odom era and that amassed historic NIT victories, $98,000 seems like a relative bargain given the fact that you get not only all that history, but, you know, a working basketball court.

It's also not clear who's selling this product - is the athletic department turning to Craigslist to raise money?  Did Eddie Fogler negotiate for it as part of his retirement package?  Did Antoine Tisby simply walk off with it one day?

It's hard to know, but for $98,000, you can find out the answer.  This is a particularly great deal for those Gamecock fans that live within 50 miles of Columbia, because I doubt you'll ever see this offer on Amazon Prime, so free delivery is a benefit you shouldn't ignore lightly.

So who's bidding on this?  And if not this, what Gamecock items would you purchase for almost $100,000?