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Shawn Elliot's weekly Tuesday press conference

Shawn Elliot held his first weekly press conference with the regular media boys in Columbia this afternoon. Here's some highlights from today's press conference.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Coming off a bye week after a promising victory over Vanderbilt, interim head coach Shawn Elliot held his first weekly press conference with the media this afternoon. Along with Coach Elliot, Pery Orth, Elliot Fry, Brandon Wilds and Bryson Allen-Williams sat down to answer some questions as well.

Here's a review of some talking points from Elliot's media session today:

Opening Statement:

"We had a good bye week last week. Preparation, we had the opportunity to get go back and get some younger guys some reps. We experimented with some new formations, some wrinkles."

On the team's bye week and a return to normalcy:

On his transition as interim head coach:

"It's still moving real fast to tell you the truth. (Last) week not having a game here, this past Saturday, was a nice break."

On the team's quarterback situation:

"We are stable with Perry... We think our team has kind of fallen in place behind him and they know what to expect from him. We are pleased with that."

On Texas A&M's athleticism and defense:

Thinking of ways to slow down Texas A&M DE Myles Garret:

"I don't know if you stop a guy like that. You certainly can't take seven step drops and get us in 3rd down situations and let him rush the passer."

"We will have to sit back there and count on our offensive line to do a great job."

Injury report:

To catch Elliot's full press conference along with remarks from today's available players click here.