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Bring Back the Running Back

Most people think about the QB when they think about the offense. We prefer to throw the ball more these days especially in the NFL. This year, we got a lot of hope in our defense but what about the running back!

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Last year our defense was in the dumps. The fans panicked, the coaches panicked, and everyone became a defensive coach offering up their solutions to fix things. Well, don’t panic. But right now, our defense is going to be fine. We got experience. We got depth and we got the coaches.

Here is what bothers me. Nobody is really talking about it. It’s not even on the radar right now. And this is a HUGE question right here and right now. Are we going to run the ball this year? I mean seriously.

As fans, we complain a lot even when we win the game. Last year there were scores of complaints about the lack of running plays. Remember when football teams ran the ball? The sport has evolved. I get that. Fans get that. But last year we had running backs that were able to help bleed the clock and put the game away. Instead we came out chucking the ball in the fourth quarter.

Obsessing over the defense has sucked all up all of the attention this spring. And with some “closed” practices and scrimmages, we really love to hear more about our stable of running backs, right!


Spurrier is an offensive genius (yes he’s proven it!) and he is taking full control of the offense this year. It’s a little early, but what are your thoughts on the offense this year? What looks fine and what concerns do you have?