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South Carolina Gamecocks Football - The Feed Pail: September 30, 2015

Surprise - Spurrier's going to delegate the play-calling. Again.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

David Caraviello: Despite his pre-season pledge, Spurrier is delegating play calls with Lorenzo Nunez at QB. In year 11 of Spurrier at the helm, I'm going to call b.s. on the whole line that "this is not the offense I helped create at all. " It's just an excuse not to put in the time or effort because he simply doesn't want to. I also love how he says that if playcalling-by-committee goes well, then he shares the praise; but that he takes the blame when it goes poorly.  In reality, it's the opposite, as we saw after UCF.

SECCountry: Steve Spurrier’s rap knowledge will surprise you.  He knows Lil' Boosie. He can remember plays and opponents going back decades with astonishing clarity.  But he wants Bubba, G.A. and Shawn Elliot to handle the play-calling because the offensive package for Nunez is unfamiliar to him (being the same one we basically ran for Connor Shaw during the 33-6 stretch). Horse hockey. I would be killing him on the recruiting trail with this if I was at another school: "Sure, he's a legend. But he's not involved. Bubba Spurrier is the real head coach. Steve just shows up for the games and the pressers. You won't see him much. Have you talked to him much yet during this process? No?  Mostly hearing from Bubba or G.A.?  Well, there you go. Steve will be retiring soon anyway. He said so himself - 2-3 years. He wasn't fibbing when he said that. If he is anything he is brutally honest. The University made him walk it back."

Fox Sports: What does Maty Mauk's suspension mean for South Carolina.

Tony Barnhardt: The SEC: What we learned, Week 4. Scroll down to number four.

The Rubber Chickens: TRC Unleashed Episode 82 – 1984.

GamecockCereal: Collyn Taylor posts Honesty Hour: Addressing some takeaways from the UCF game and Game superlatives: Recognizing outstanding players against UCF.

Saturday Down South: South Carolina hopes to ride momentum against Missouri by Randy Capps - he also takes a look at some Missouri Tigers to watch. Plus - Brad Crawford gives his take on the Tuesday presser - Spurrier respects Mizzou, talks Lorenzo Nunez + changes to offense and Mike Shaw writes that Like last season, Missouri needs to slow down Cooper to beat Gamecocks.

Wes Mitchell: Quick-hitters: Chris Lammons returns.

David Cloninger: Lorenzo Nunez hasn’t shrunk from challenge of leading team.

Columbia Missourian: Spurrier, Gamecocks have renewed hope with freshman QB Nunez. An AP article by Pete Iacobelli. Andre Goodman - who currently serves as our Director of Football Student-Athlete Development- has been selected to the SEC's 2015 Football Legends Class.

GamecocksOnline: Women's soccer Move Up to No. 10 In NSCAA Rankings. The men's side are now ranked 19th in NSCAA Coaches Poll. Mark Richt trying to beat Spurrier and Saban in the same season.  Funniest line - "In further fairness to Richt, he's only faced Saban and Spurrier in the same season three times." To write that without a hint of irony is droll.  Since Georgia and Carolina play every year, and because Spurrier has been at USC since '05 and Saban at Bama since '07, do you think its purely an accident of scheduling that Georgia and Alabama have only had two regular-season meetings in nearly a decade?

AJC: Nothing to see here. Move along. Insert joke about Richt-losing-control-because-there's-no-truth-to-it. Blame it on overzealous Athens-Clarke Co. P.D. Boys will be boys. 4 UGA football players arrested.