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THE GABACAST, Episode 40.

Sam and DC3 are back to talk nothing but actual, factual football in our final installment of our Gamecock offseason retrospective.

South Carolina v Clemson Photo by Tyler Smith/Getty Images

The deafening silence of the offseason is passing over us. We are so happy:


In this week's episode, Sam and DC3 relive their favorite Clemson memories in our final offseason retrospective (check here and here) before diving head-first into the fast approaching football season (I mean...we will play football games this year...we're just not sure what kind they'll be). We dive into position battles, wild speculation about starters, spirit animals, and we are probably completely wrong about all of it.

Hope y'all enjoy the show.

But, a moment before we continue...

As noted in the show, we reference ways to help out with the flooding in Louisiana.

Please consider clicking here or here or here to find a way in which you can help out the victims of this horrible natural disaster.

Thank you.

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Forever to Thee