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The Feed Pail August 29, 2016: It's Game Week!

Gamecock football returns this week and we're not sure if we're more nervous or excited

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Spur: SEC Preseason Power Rankings. Spoiler alert: The Gamecocks are not 14th! They're lower than 12th though.

The State: David Cloninger on how the Gamecocks got to where the are now: Will Muschamp starting to re-stock cupboard, but what emptied it? Also from Cloninger, a look at recent USC coaches and their first seasons. Also, here's something from Spurrier's book, which comes out this week, about his years at USC. And finally, some unfortunate news, as two former Gamecocks were cut from their NFL team on Sunday.

Post & Courier: For first-time Gamecocks, 'nervous' final days before opener at Vanderbilt. I don't think they're the only Gamecocks that will be nervous as we approach kickoff on Thursday. Also, David Williams gets the message, and still has eyes on USC's top running back role.

Gamecocks Online: In non-football news, the volleyball team opened their season with a sweep in a three-set match against College of Charleston on Friday, and they won the College of Charleston Invitational title after keeping their strong performance going Saturday as well. The men's soccer team also opened their season Friday night, but in spite of the support of a record crowd at Stone Stadium they fell to #3 Clemson by a score of 2-1.