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The Feed Pail: September 25, 2016

Blue Grass Blues, Season 3

Hayden Hurst
Hayden Hurst
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Spurs & Feathers: Ed Girardieu tries to put it in historical perspective with our last two freshman starters - It's been a crazy season so far. I like Ed's optimism but he is veering into pollyanna territory thinking we can potentially muster victories against UF, UT or UGA.  We have five conference games left; four at home but each of our opponents will be prohibitive favorites.

The Big Spur: Gamecocks gashed by Wildcats run game. The good news is that at least it wasn't Jo Jo Kemp this year; the bad news is that we will be seeing Benny Shell at least two more seasons. What really chaps my backside is that UK and Mark Stoops aren't that special, nor was Joker Phillips before him, yet they easily recruited a passel of strong RBs while meanwhile Spurrier pere, Spurrier fils and the hapless Everette Sands struggled to land and/or develop a game-changing tailback since Mike Davis fortuitously fell in our laps (thanks again for that, Boom). This even though Carolina was nationally ranked and very relevant for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. That pisses me off beyond belief that Kentucky has recruited more skill talent than we do.

Gamecock Central: We're not good up front either and that also makes me furious beyond belief - Offense sputters again, Zandi vows to correct issues immediately.  You can pick your poison - its either poor OL play; rookie skill position players; a predictable and uninspired scheme that doesn't seem to play to any of their strengths, but the OL was advertised as a pre-season strength and its not - listen to Zandi. Credit Zandi (again) as being a vocal leader promising to fix things. I admire that.  We all do.  But all the character in the world won't correct years of neglect, poor development and recruiting whiffs by the HBC, Junior and Elliot.  Plus Gamecocks succumbed to Kentucky's physicality in second half.

ESPN: Kentucky beats South Carolina for third straight time, 17-10. Let that sink in. They're not that good, in fact they are terrible, but they're better than us. Stoops might beat Vandy, and he might sneak up on someone else, but when he is a position coach at OU in 2018, he fondest memories from his Lexington days will be beating USC

Gene Sapakoff: For embattled Kentucky coach Mark Stoops, it’s only South Carolina. Is Gene writing anything that isn't 100% true? Plus English gets in Clowney sack territory in Kentucky loss. Darius played very well; too bad Deke Adams couldn't figure out how to use him the in '13 and '14. The running into the punter call was weak regardless of whether he dropped the ball; he barely touched him and the guy couldnt even fake a fall.

The Daily Gamecock: Gamecock offense still struggling in loss to Kentucky and Run defense, penalties cost Gamecocks in loss to Kentucky.

Gamecocksonline: Mark Berson's side (5-4-0) makes a statement in opening C-USA play - Gamecocks Win Fourth-Straight 3-1 Over Georgia State. Four scorers. This was Keeper William Pyle's third straight shutout. Kudos all around. Plus - Men's Golf is holding sole possession of Fourth Place At Maui Jim After Second Round at -19.