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South Carolina Gamecocks vs. Kentucky Wildcats: Game Balls

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky is known for horse racing, basketball, bourbon, and beating South Carolina Gamecocks three consecutive years in a row. Every week we give out game balls to Gamecock players, but I ‘d like to give a game ball to the late Elijah Craig who was credited for inventing bourbon. We’re going to need something with a little oomph to get through this football season, and the answer is simple. Bourbon.


Hayden Hurst has something in common with bourbon. His first name is the last name of Basil Hayden’s bourbon. Hurst led the gamecocks receiving with seven catches and 84 yards. His plays were the only exciting moments of this offensive snoozefest. If Brandon McIlwain needs to throw, it has to be his Hayden Hurst. Let’s hope he gets better at hurdling tackles though.

Darius English

Yes it was against Kentucky. But he was a beast. Three sacks and a forced fumble, English is proving to be the MVP in this defense.

Sean Kelly

If you can’t convert on 3rd down at least Sean Kelly will be able to boot the ball far down the field so we can hope to win the field game.

Folks, not many game balls this time around. Not an exciting game. Yeah, we have a true freshman under center. Yeah, we have a shitty O-line. Yeah, Mark Stoops ran the same play over and over and over and over and beat us again. Despite it all, there is hope. We are getting turnovers. We are getting to the quarterback. We have talented receivers. Brandon McIlwain has time to improve. And finally, we get five home games over the next six weeks.