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Final Thoughts on the Gamecocks vs. Wildcats Football Game

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Every week here at GABA we take another look at the last game and offer up unique opinions, rants and other musings. Why rehash the Kentucky loss, a team that is dreadfully pitiful and desperate as the Gamecocks? For nothing else we can all agree or disagree on who should be the quarterback the entire season AND all the while offering the upmost reading enjoyment to our rivals. Let’s limp through this.

Deebo Samuel.

Deebo is to Gamecock football as Sammy Watkins is to fantasy football. I don’t know if he needs to take up yoga, but the hamstring issue is killing us. He can’t stay healthy. Time to start building around other receivers (we are looking at you Terry Googer and Bryan Edwards).

A.J. Turner and Pass Protection

Watching A.J. in pass blocking situations was like finding that lone white sock clinging to a load of freshly dried blue beach towels. What the hell is he doing there!

Good Practice = Playing Time Rule

We know. Practice determines which players earn the starting spot. However, our defense is not trying to K I L L our offense during practice. It’s time to put some guys in the game, and if they suck, then they need more practice.

Dare I Say Screen Pass Again

I can’t believe what I’m going to say (ahem), but what happened to the screen pass? We need to do it until Brandon McIlwain gets a little better and the offensive line heals up. Also, someone from the coaching staff needs to call Lane Kiffin. We need his 2014 bubble screen playbook!


I’ve said this a bazillion times and we all agree. This defense has improved. Unfortunately the schedule gets tougher. Dante Sawyer, Darius English, Jamarcus King, Chris Lammons, Jonathan Walton, Taylor Stallworth, and TJ Holloman stood out in the Kentucky game.

Fill in the blanks

Example: AJ Turner has incredible talent. He is best used when running outside on the perimeter and not up the middle.

  1. Kentucky this season has allowed 43.7 points per game, but the Gamecocks scored 10. The offense could’ve scored more points if ____________.
  2. If we are going to make a bowl game we’ve got to beat ___________ and _________ and _________ and __________ .
  3. Gamecocks can improve on 3rd conversions just by doing this __________.
  4. After losing to Kentucky and driving back home I would visit _(distillery)__, and _(distillery)__, and _(distillery)__.
  5. Now that LSU has fired Les Miles, they should interview _____________
  6. We need to be ready. Winter is coming. I will _______________.
  7. What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow ________________?
  8. If we lose the next 4 games I am going to _________________(G/PG rated).
  9. If we played Kentucky again and won the game, then I probably would have (verb) ___________ and I would have not (verb)____________ the (adjective) _______ (noun) _________. My (family/friends/significant other) would probably not think that I was a (adjective) _______ (noun) _________ with serious some (phrase) ____________ issues.
  10. _____________________ needs to be the quarterback moving forward.

A final thought on the Gamecocks moving forward: Losing to Kentucky proved that we can’t score. The offense may improve but the schedule becomes more of a challenge. Brandon McIlwain is the clear starting quarterback moving forward, but this offense is not going to score many points.