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The GABACast. Episode 92: Live from Fenton Island.

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The Gamecocks defeated the Tennessee Volunteers and might’ve sealed Butch Jones fate.

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South Carolina v Tennessee
I know this is Jamarcus King, but, TAKE THAT TENNESSEE
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Greetings faithful listeners! We bring greetings from Fenton Island, which is a real, actual place that, while lacking an airport, is a fun place to record a podcast.

Sam and Alex ditched DC3 and actually went to Knoxville to watch the South Carolina Gamecocks suffocate the Tennessee Volunteers in the second half to grind out a 15-9 victory and likely spell doom for everyone’s favorite SEC doormat of a coach, Butch Jones. We try to give a taste of what the Gameday atmosphere is like at Neyland Stadium (SPOILER: it’s actually good, but, bring comfy shoes) while breaking down another hard-fought victory. We roll through our winners and losers from the week that was in college football (OH HAI, BAYLOR), Sam discusses why hijacking your opponent’s locker room to give a post-game speech is actually bad, and DC3 provides some insight into the mind-bending experience that is taking in a South Carolina football game with only the Gamecock Radio Network as your guide.

We hope you enjoy this rambling, incoherent mess of a show as this banged-up-but-still-5-and-2 football team rolls into a bye-week.

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