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The Feed Pail: Feeling disrespected edition

The Gamecocks are still smarting about that Clemson curtain call in 2016, and Dabo Swinney drew the ire of Alabama and Auburn fans.

NCAA Football: Wofford at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the feed pail, where we take a look around the internet for some choice South Carolina Gamecocks tidbits and share it back here with you. Since it’s Clemson week, I’ll be including some pieces from the Tigers’ viewpoint as well.

‘There was disrespect’ South Carolina player says of 2016 Clemson game - Josh Kendall, The State

Ah, now THIS is the good stuff. Defensive lineman Taylor Stallworth says coach Will Muschamp showed the team a clip of Clemson’s curtain call from last year, when the Tigers called a couple of late timeouts to give their seniors an extended standing ovation.

“There was disrespect because they called two timeouts to gloat on us last year,” defensive back D.J. Smith said. “We remember all of that, so it’s in the back of our heads. We are ready to play.”

It remains to be seen whether the Gamecocks can get some revenge, but they’re clearly thinking about it.

Clemson’s Dabo Swinney thinks Clemson-South Carolina rivalry underappreciated nationally - Grace Raynor, Post and Courier

Dabo rustled up some Alabama and Auburn fans on Twitter earlier today when he compared the Palmetto Bowl to the Iron Bowl, saying the two rivalries are the same and just have “different logos.” While he pointed out some other distinctions — Auburn and Alabama are in the same conference and division, for starters — Swinney stuck to his guns that Carolina-Clemson isn’t appreciated enough on a national level. He also said that’s been starting to change.

"I think a lot of that has changed over the last nine years because (of) obviously where we’ve been as a program, the run that they went on, implications that were involved," Swinney said referring to when he first started in this rivalry as a head coach. "It’s a game I think everybody pays attention to now maybe more than they did nine years ago. And I think that’s great. I think that means that we’re doing some good things."

Will Muschamp shares how long it took him to understand Clemson rivalry - Keith Farner, Saturday Down South

In Year 2, Muschamp says he’s not an outsider anymore. He also takes an “It’s just one game” approach to the Palmetto Bowl, saying the result won’t dramatically affect South Carolina’s overall recruiting or direction.

A win, “would continue to show progress for our program,” the coach said. “There’s no doubt about that. I’ve said it many times, one game is not going to make a decision for a young man, and if it does, we probably don’t want him. That’s how I kind of look at that, but there’s no doubt, progress is being made.”

Sounds like a similar perspective to Spurrier’s, when he took the Tigers off their pedestal and preached viewing the Clemson game as just another one on the schedule.

Clemson’s Kelly Bryant got his first college offer from South Carolina, now he will start in rivalry for first time - Grace Raynor, Post and Courier

As one of the relatively few high profile Tigers who is from South Carolina, Bryant is more familiar with the rivalry than some of his teammates. Saturday will be an interesting moment for him, as he gets his first Palmetto Bowl start in hostile territory.

"Growing up, I (wouldn't really say) I considered myself a Clemson fan, but when someone would ask 'Clemson or Carolina?' I would say Clemson," Bryant said. "When I got that offer from South Carolina, things started to change because I was thinking about the future. I feel like deep down, I was always a Clemson guy. It was something — a gut feeling about being here and wanting to come here and play."

Well, there’s no accounting for poor taste.