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It is 100% Okay to Want to Punch Hunter Renfrow in the Face

It is Clemson Hate Week, and it’s time we acknowledge the most hatable Tiger of all!

NCAA Football: Clemson at Syracuse Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve ever wondered what Bill Belichick dreams about, just flip through the Clemson media guide. You won’t have to get too far into the player profiles. They are often organized by jersey number in these kinds of publications.

There, right after sophomore DB K’Von Wallace, you will find the pluckiest, grittiest, under-sizediest white guy to ever line up at receiver. His name is Hunter Renfrow, and if you don’t hate his guts, I question whether or not you are actually human.

Hunter Renfrow has the face of a Duke basketball player, and brother, that kind of face is just begging to be punched.

God, look at this idiot!
Clemson Athletics

He doesn’t look anything like someone that has 4 TD catches in the last two national championship games should. He looks know what? Here is a quick list of 6 things Hunter Renfrow looks like.

  1. The now teenage son of a dad that owns a car dealership and has been putting Hunter in his commercials since he was a baby.
  2. A member of a high school show choir
  3. A Chick-Fil-A manager
  4. Someone that would sit backwards in a chair and ask if you “wanna rap about Jesus?”
  5. Your co-worker that is really smug about riding his bike to work and responds to everyone that complains about traffic by saying “You’re not in traffic. You are traffic.”
  6. A somehow even stupider Franco brother.
BFI Preview: 'The Disaster Artist'
I mean, it’s not dead on, but I’m not wrong.
Photo by Mark Milan/Getty Images

The point is, he doesn’t look like a football player. And that’s not to say that he is an ugly dude. But here’s the thing: he ain’t handsome either. Hunter Renfrow can best be described as an adorable lil’ scamp!

Hunter Renfrow may not be showing up a lot in highlights this year, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t just as dangerous to the Gamecocks on Saturday as he was to Alabama in January. Sure, he only has 1 touchdown catch on the season, but he has been absolutely gobbling up receptions. Just ask Auburn.

Renfrow is actually tied with Deon Caine for Clemson’s team lead in receptions with 46. It’s already the most catches he has had in a single season, and Clemson may have as many as four games to go!

When you read that, it’s easy to see where the hate comes from, right? Pure jealousy. Here’s a kid that is really good, that still gets overlooked. ”Why can’t we have that?!” screams fans of every team that have given up a big third down catch to Renfrow. Teams will always leave Renfrow in single coverage because they don’t think they can afford to leave Cain or McCloud in single coverage on obvious passing downs.

“Did you know Hunter Renfrow started his career as a walk on?” is the “Did you know Jake Bentley skipped his senior year of high school?” of the ACC. Don’t believe me? The conference produced a short film about it.

Not a fan of that one? Don’t worry. Here are three other short films for you about the very same thing! If he really wants to be annoying and lean into this, Hunter Renfrow will start selling t-shirts that say “WALK ON” the second he leaves Clemson.

Oh, also he is from Myrtle Beach, the answer to the question “What if Kid Rock’s entire music catalog became a town?”.

Look, it is 100% possible and I would say as much as 60% likely that Carolina keeps Renfrow in check on Saturday. The secondary has been playing with a renewed sense of purpose that makes me think Renfrow may get some short-yardage catches on us, but nothing that breaks the game wide open. Hell, in his career he has caught one pass against the Gamecocks. 1!

All it will take though is one slip-up. It will just take one 20 yard reception on 3rd and 15 and we’ll all be shaking our heads and mumbling “that little turd” under our breaths.

There is only so much good fortune to go around. You can be good at football. You can have Gerber Baby good looks. No one should be allowed to have both!