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The GABACast, Episode 85: Welcome back.

Looking forward to football, breaking Down NC State, and wondering what the HBC would order at Arby’s.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at South Carolina Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

It's official, the South Carolina Gamecocks square off against the NC State Wolfpack on Saturday in Charlotte. The long, slow, arduous march of the offseason is behind us. Now it's time to officially freak out about football. Also, let’s marvel at how bad NC State’s website is. Seriously, it’s not good.

Before we get into things, however, we do stop for a sec to remind ourselves that there are a ton of folks far less fortunate than we that are dealing with some really difficult times in Texas and the Gulf states. Please do all you can to help by clicking here, or here, or here. Anything counts. Seriously. Even if you don’t have money to spare, give blood (which is always a good cause).

In this week's episode, you'll find our winners and losers from (technically) the first weekend of college football and an honest appraisal of how we feel like the Gamecocks season-opener will pan-out. DC3 accepts a wager to not interrupt anyone, and we dive into whether or not Arby’s ruined Gamecock Football.

Welcome back, indeed.

Thank you for listening. We hope you're as excited for football as we are. Click here to find us on iTunes or just mash the ol’ play button below: