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Gameday Signs: Kentucky @ South Carolina

Will there be bang in your ying yang tonight when the Cats roll into Williams Brice?

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

There may not be a bigger game on the Gamecocks schedule this year. Certainly, there hasn't been a game this big yet. Not even NC State. A win would likely put Carolina in the top 25. More importantly, a win will keep an entire recruiting class from having to say that it graduated without ever beating Kentucky.

It is the kind of game that Demetri Ravanos’ hypothetical ESPN Gameday would be in town for, so we need some hypothetical Gameday Signs. I’ll get us started with a couple.

So let’s see what you have in mind.

I must admit, I like this one a lot.

Let’s take a look at the GABA Facebook page and see what you guys came up with.

Carlos Argueta was among the many to happily remind the Wildcats that the Cocks made it deeper into April than they did.

Robin Brock asked an important question that has completely slipped my mind in previous weeks.

Jesus! Of course!

Yes, it has been an interesting week at the WWL, but more than that, trolling ESPN is a grand tradition amongst the Gameday crowds.

The greatest Gameday sign in history @annfrazi

So Andrew Lepczyk stepped up to the plate.

I am a staunch defender of the Marty Party, and let’s just say I could take or leave the idea of the President of the United States calling for one of his citizens to be fired, but damn it, that made me laugh.

Next weekend it’s Louisiana Tech coming to Columbia, so get to work on your signs. Here are some fan facts about the Bulldogs for your signs.

  • Terry Bradshaw graduated from Louisiana Tech, proving that their degrees don’t mean much.
  • Karl Malone also went to Louisiana Tech. He wears cowboy hats a lot, which always makes you look stupid.
  • Honestly, I looked at their alumni list, and those are the only two names I recognized.
  • Louisiana governor John Bell Edwards looks like a mortician.
  • Mardi Gras actually started in Alabama.

Those are some good jumping off points. Happy trolling!