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Gameday Signs: South Carolina vs. NC State

No, College Gameday probably isn’t going to be at a Carolina game this season, but let’s pretend they’ll be there today. What would be on your Gameday Sign?

NCAA Football: College Game Day-California at Utah
Who cares what hat coach wears? It’s all about the signs in the crowd!
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

There were no debates in the production meeting this week. There were probably no impassioned pleas from anyone on staff about an under the radar game with great atmosphere.

Sorry, Florida and Michigan. Sorry, Virginia Tech and West Virginia. From the moment last season ended everyone that works for ESPN’s College Gameday knew they were headed for Atlanta on September 2nd.

But what if they weren't? What if the greatest show in the history of ESPN were going about 4 hours further north on I-85 this Saturday?

Sure, we’d all wonder if it was Mr. Wuf’s or Cocky’s head that Lee Corso put on. Sure, we’d wait to see who the celebrity picker would be - any other time my money would be on Nature Boy/whore for sports fandom Ric Flair, but he isn’t in the best of health right now. So instead, let’s say the smart money would be on Dale Earnhardt Jr. He’s done it before and besides, he’s in his final season on NASCAR’s top circuit. Kind of a no-brainer, right?

But forget about what happens on the stage. The real show, when it comes to College Gameday is in the crowd. You don’t remember any head gear segment or any celebrity guest as well as you remember this.

God bless the combination of college students, alcohol in the morning, and live television!

In an exercise of imaginations I asked the followers of @GABAttack on Twitter to engage in. What would be on your sign if you were in the crowd for this hypothetical Charlotte edition of College Gameday?

That’s right. My Twitter avi game is strong with the Muppet Newsman.

Alright, here’s what you had to say.

Guys, we here at Garnet and Black Attack want to make this a regular thing. You’re gonna have to do better than this. For help, I turned to the degenerates I call my friends.

First, my college BFF and SEC superfan Nick.

Next comes Danny my neighbor who has no less than 6 NC State stickers/magnets on his car.

I feel like the whole gamut is covered now. Look, we’re going to do this again next week and I expect you people to do better. Otherwise I’ll have to keep asking my friends and it is only going to get more vulgar from here.