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South Carolina football week five in review

Check out what the GABA staff has been up to this week

NCAA Football: Louisiana Tech at South Carolina Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Wake up every Saturday morning and get everything you need to know about South Carolina vs. Texas A&M right here on Garnet and Black Attack. We're going to highlight the week of content we've put up on the site so you don't have to sift through it all yourself.

Five football things to read/listen to:

Q&A with Good Bull Hunting - Thomas took some time to interview the boys over at Good Bull Hunting about their thoughts on tonight's game. Cuppy Cup and the guys over there do a great job and brought their best for us in this piece.

GABA Cast interviews Cole Cubelic - How on earth DC and Sam convinced SEC Network's Cole Cubelic to come on their show is beyond me, but more power to them. They had a nice chat with Cube, so take a listen before the games get rolling this afternoon.

Thomas talks improvement - One of our staff writers wrote a very detailed piece on what he thought SC had to do to stay competitive this season. There's a lot here, but it's worth your time to read

Will Muschamp is what's wrong with the SEC - This article by Demetri really got the comment section rolling. It's an interesting look at how the SEC has hired coaches over the last five or so years. I'll give you a hint, it's uncreative.

South Carolina’s defense is doing its job - Agreed! Kody nails a point I've been harping on all season. The South Carolina defense has played very well this season but has been let down by the offense so far.

Opponent previews and predictions:

Texas A&M: Opponent preview and game preview

South Carolina vs. Texas A&M staff predictions

SEC: Week five preview

Other news and notes

If you didn't hear, there's some pretty crazy stuff going on in college basketball right now. South Carolina came up in the investigation being conducted by the FBI due to former assistant Lamont Evans, but Ray Tanner released a statement making it clear South Carolina was itself not under investigation.

So that begs the question, is Frank Martin under consideration for some of these head coaching jobs that are opening up because of firings? Sydney lets you know, specifically in the case of Louisville.