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The GABACast, Episode 117: Volunteering as Tribute.

After another wild week in college football, are we sure we want to play games at all?

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

First, there was BLOOD WEEK, and then there was last week. Who will lose in ridiculous fashion this week? Can it be Clemson? Please let it be Clemson. Just kidding, it’s totally not going to be Clemson. that thing doesn’t exist anymore.

Despite this being an off-week for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks, there were plenty of things going on in the college football universe, including that thing where the Purdue Boilermakers turned the Ohio State Buckeyes into pesto, the real possibility that UVA will be playing in the ACC title game as a 20-point underdog, Mike Leach/Ed Orgeron 2020, and Nebraska’s committed fan-base. We also apologize for suggesting you watch football games that turned into not good football games and we try to save face by previewing the perennial (shrug emoji) game that is USC vs. UT. We discuss everything from the implications of Jarrett Guarantano being injured or not injured or whatever, to the inevitable night game blackout that will literally and figuratively happen in Columbia on Saturday. We also hand out crystal game balls and answer reader/listener questions.

Buckle up. Gas Pedal’s on the right.

Hope you enjoy!

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