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SEC Power Rankings: Good Place.Gif Edition

My mom said the Steve Spurrier gifs were easier for her to follow, so here we are.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Last week I got a text from my mom.

An actual text exchange with my mom.

So, look, if gifs are good enough for my mom, they are good enough for you. From now on, I am only using gifs to rank SEC teams.

The Good Place happens to be both my favorite TV show and where Carolina is this week after beating Mizzou on a last second field goal, so that is the subject of this week’s gifs. Strap in for a lot of Kristin Bell and Ted Danson!

1. BAMA (6-0)


2. GEORGIA (6-0)

I don’t know that they are the best team in the SEC, but for now everything is going their way, and it seems like they have as good a chance as anyone of at least hanging within 20 points of Bama, so everything is running smoothly for the Dawgs.

3. FLORIDA (5-1)

An unexpected Florida win on Tim Tebow Day with CBS in attendance is about the most Florida thing this side of the sleeveless tuxedo.

4. LSU (5-1)

LSU’s loss means we won’t have a top 5 matchup in Baton Rouge next week. It also means that College Gameday is headed north. More importantly though, can’t you picture Coach O losing his mind the first time he hears someone say this?

5. KENTUCKY (5-1)

I know pal, and you might actually be good, but on Saturday night you looked like...well...Kentucky.


Remember when this Mississippi State team was supposed to be awesome? It’s been a while since they’ve gotten a head-turning win.

7. AUBURN (4-2)

Things have been slowly getting worse and worse for Auburn since losing to LSU. They escaped with very undeserved wins after looking like garbage against Arkansas and Southern Miss, and then they go and lose to a team that doesn’t even throw for 70 yards on the day?

8. TEXAS A&M (4-2)

Let’s pump the breaks on saying Jimbo has things on track at A&M. This Kentucky team is better than most, but their best win is still against Kentucky. That’s fine, but not special.


We changed quarterbacks. We played in a monsoon. We let Damarea Crockett have more than twice as many rushing yards as he had in any other game this year. And we still won?

10. OLE MISS (4-2)

Matt Luke is going to be your guy for a while. Bask in the glow of these 70 point games this season, because it’s going to get bad next year.

11. MISSOURI (3-2)

Is there a crappier way to follow up a demoralizing loss to Carolina than having to go to Alabama?

12. TENNESSEE (2-3)

Tennessee didn’t play this week, and it is probably the most successful week they have had all season.

13. VANDERBILT (3-3)

God! They really don’t do anything well.

14. ARKANSAS (1-5)

There has never been, nor will there ever be, a better explanation of how we got to where we are with Arkansas.