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SEC Power Rankings: Arrested Development.gif Edition

There’s always gifs in the banana stand

NCAA Football: Chattanooga at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Holy crap this season has flown by. This is the second to last week of this column and then it is on to championship weekend and then slowly integrating ourselves back into our family’s Saturday routines.

This was a week where nearly everybody in the league played nobody. SoCon Saturday: a tradition like no other!

Anyhow, on to the gifs!

1. ALABAMA (11-0)

We get the rare double gif here. This is all of us at halftime.

And then all of us midway through the 3rd quarter.

2. GEORGIA (10-1)

Who are the Dawgs playing next week?

3. LSU (9-2)

An intern opens the fridge to find a note on Coach O’s lunch.

4. FLORIDA (8-3)

5. KENTUCKY (8-3)

This is generally good advice for anyone going anywhere Bobby Petrino has been recently.


Oh my God! I found the perfect gif to describe the Egg Bowl rivalry!

7. TEXAS A&M (7-4)

A&M fans trying to act like they weren’t kinda worried about UAB last week.


Let’s take a look at at a highlight from Saturday featuring Chattanooga QB Nick Tiano.

9. MISSOURI (7-4)

When you’ve already got 7 wins and you remember your next opponent is Arkansas.

10. AUBURN (7-4)

Gus Malzahn whenever he is asked about hot seat rumors.

11. TENNESSEE (5-6)

When a visit from Mizzou doesn’t quite go like you thought it would.

12. VANDERBILT (5-6)

Is anyone outside of Tennessee even remotely interested in watching the Commodores and the Vols play for the SEC’s final bowl spot?

13. OLE MISS (5-6)

How should Matt Luke react to losing to Vanderbilt?

14. ARKANSAS (2-9)

Every Arkansas fan thinking about their offense the day Chad Morris was hired.