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Our Final SEC Power Rankings: Star Wars.gif Edition

I don’t care what you think about the new movies, or the prequels. It’s all on the table!

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Jesus, it feels like the season just started, and yet here we are. Technically at the end of the regular season even though our beloved Gamecocks have one more game to play.

No sense in dilly dallying. After next week, the only thing that will change is who is number one and who is number two...maybe. Therefor, I have decided these are the final power rankings of the season.

1. ALABAMA (12-0)

After Auburn’s trick play touchdown in the second quarter.

2. GEORGIA (11-1)

Kirby Smart preparing for a rematch with Nick Saban and unwilling to leave it in the hands of his players this time.

3. KENTUCKY (9-3)

I see Kentucky’s offense finally decided to show up.

4. FLORIDA (9-3)

Florida puts an end to FSU Twitter’s obsession with the Noles’ bowl streak.

5. TEXAS A&M (8-4)

Jimbo Fisher with 31 seconds left on the clock and referees going to Birmingham for a review.

6. LSU (9-3)

Coach O trying to keep assistants and other staffers from telling him it is un likely the Tigers remain in position for a New Years 6 bowl game.


Joe Moorehead to Mississippi State boosters after winning the Egg Bowl by 32.

8. MISSOURI (8-4)

I think Mizzou might actually be a good team. What do you think, Luke?


I mean, this about sums up what it is like to follow this team in 2018.

10. AUBURN (7-5)

Gus Malzahn at the office today trying to pretend like this team was never talked about as a legit CFP contender or in the preseason top 10.

11. VANDERBILT (6-6)

Let’s relive Derek Mason’s dance after he realized Vanderbilt was bowl eligible.

12. TENNESSEE (5-7)

They really were the Jar Jar Binks of the SEC this year.

13. OLE MISS (5-7)

Ole Miss fans when they realize things are going to get A LOT worse before they start to get better.

14. ARKANSAS (2-10)

Let’s watch a quick replay of the Hogs’ entire season.