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SEC Power Rankings: The Office.gif Edition

How have we not done this one already?

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Mississippi Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

We are in the final quarter of the regular season. Carolina isn’t that far off where we expected them to be. They’re winning shootouts AND slobber knockers! What a time to be alive!

Also, we got an amazing addition to the world of gif lore during Alabama’s destruction of LSU.

Look at her! She is so perfect that it is fair to ask if she was planted there by CBS!

Anyway, I haven’t done The Office yet for .gif Power Rankings, so that is happening now.

1. ALABAMA (9-0)

So much for the “they ain’t played nobody” argument.

2. GEORGIA (8-1)

Watching this Bama team be talked about as being able to win three titles in a row and knowing it should have been them!

3. LSU (7-2)

Yes, LSU has a great defense, but good Lord is that offense a hot load of butt!

4. KENTUCKY (7-2)

Any hope of making it to Atlanta is gone and basketball season starts next week? Everyone in the state of Kentucky talking to Benny Snell in unison:


Try to enjoy this week before you are the next sacrifice.

6. FLORIDA (6-3)

Dan Mullen trying to explain how things fell apart against Mizzou:


The opening kick return! The Edwards catch! Outscoring an opponent that scored 44 points!

8. AUBURN (6-3)

Gus Malzahn can’t understand what all this “hot seat” talk is about.

9. TEXAS A&M (6-3)

Tough way to find out you aren’t one of the 25 best teams in the country.

10. MISSOURI (5-4)

Mizzou fans when they realize closing out the season by winning four games in a row means they are probably stuck with Barry Odom for a while.

11. OLE MISS (5-4)

I’m so glad you asked! Yes, every gif I use for Ole Miss will reference cheating and or rule breaking!

12. VANDERBILT (4-5)

When you realize you’re on a bye week after winning your first conference game.

13. TENNESSEE (4-5)

Jeremy Pruitt when he finds out he still has three more games to coach this season:

14. ARKANSAS (2-7)

Can’t lose if you don’t play!