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Basebal, Spring football, and Carolina dominates the Palmetto Series AGAIN.

College World Series - Game Two
Yes, this is an old picture, so what.
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Spring is in the air Gamecock fans!

The renewal of life during sinus infection season Spring brings with it the promise of warmer weather, sunshine and LOTS OF SPORTS EXPECTATIONS. SERIOUSLY. LOTS.

And, with that, it means that you also get the return of your ‘favorite’ South Carolina Gamecock Spots Podcast!

This week, Sam, Alex, and DC3 delve into the Gamecock Baseball team’s recent sweep of a ranked LSU Tigers team (which would subsequently catapult the Gamecocks into the top-25 for the first time in what seems like an eternity), and take a look at the season thus far. We dig into their own assessment of where the team is compared with our expectations of where the team should be (because we’re experts, dangit). We also dive into the hype surrounding the upcoming football season, both on and off the field. We talk Spring Game reactions, hand out praise for the Social Media staff, and celebrate the hiring of one Marcus Lattimore.

But, most of all, we celebrate the Gamecocks’ momentous victory over the Clemson Tigers in the Palmetto Series rivalry. How did Carolina pull off its third consecutive victory in the year-long battle across every sport? Because South Carolina cares about female empowerment and charity, that’s why. Do not @ us.

We hope y’all enjoy the show. Click here to catch us on iTunes, visit us on BlogTalkRadio, or just mash the play button below. Go Cocks!