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The GABACast Episode 103-ish: Kingston Cake.

Gamecock Baseball returns to the post-season, the softball team is building a dynasty, and the NCAA makes another #dumb decision.

Your favorite South Carolina Gamecocks sports podcast is back!

As the baseball team stands on the precipice of the post-season, the Softball team looks back at a great season that shows the signs that the Lady Gamecocks may *actually* be #Elite. The football team has had itself quite a week, and the men’s basketball team found out that Brian Bowen’s playing career and eventually his future will be forever affected by yet another dumb NCAA ruling. And, speaking of the NCAA doing dumb stuff, our friend, Steven Godfrey also wrote a very good article about college football. Sports are really stupid sometimes, but they’re still awesome.

This week’s episode is brought to you by our new sponsor Charmin Extra Soft. For your delicate undercarriage.

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