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The GABACast, episode 138: ANCHOR DOWN.

more like one and-a-half thumbs down.

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Hey there, South Carolina Gamecocks sports fans!

Sports are good and entertaining sometimes. Saturday was not one of those times. Despite a fairly simple victory against a lackadaisical Vanderbilt Commodores team, the boys in Garnet were less than promising under the lights in Nashville.

What a better way to celebrate a [meh] WIN against a conference opponent than to do what we do best: talk a bunch about other stuff. Like how ridiculously bad NFL quarterbacks are, but that actually might reveal a larger conspiracy to protect the ridiculous guaranteed contracts for starters so the GM’s don’t look like total morons. Or how super cool an undefeated Dartmouth is. Or how godawful Syracuse’s defense is.

We’ve got winners, losers, a really interesting game recap, including but not limited to thoughts on how Bryan Edwards doesn’t deserve the plays we call, #FREEDAKJOYNER is about to be a thing, and [again] the refs screwed us out of a touchdown. We also [deep breath] look forward to the game against a frightening App State team with a really great offensively-minded coach.

We hope y’all enjoy the show. We certainly had fun recording.

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