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SEC Power Rankings: Jim Carrey.gif Edition

Pardon me. Little old lady!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 14 Alabama at South Carolina Photo by Dannie Walls/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to the day after week 3! A holiday here at GABA, really. Today is the day we get proper rankings for our SEC Power Rankings. I am still not positive that we have enough info on each team and some of this is still going to be based on record, but I feel like a picture of who really is good and who really is not is starting to come together.

This week, I chose Jim Carrey as the vessel through which to deliver my rankings, mostly because it is easy to find gifs of him and I don't want to spend to long on this. Go laziness!

1. Bama (3-0)

Look, Carolina played Bama as well as anyone will all season, but when you have Najee Harris throwing one defender down and then hurdling another on the same play, it just isn't going to be your day. Their run game is a concern, but if Tua and those receivers keep playing at this level, it won’t matter.

2. LSU (3-0)

Joe Burrow is really good. Like hasn’t had a game this year where he has completed less than 75% of his passes good. LSU’s new offense is legit and they always have defense to spare. I am not sure many SEC teams can hang with them right now.

3. Auburn (3-0)

Why Auburn over UGA at this point? Auburn has a freshman QB, they have been tested by a higher ranked opponent and won, and they just happen to have the best defensive line in the country.

4. Georgia (3-0)

Now, as for Georgia, they are certainly one of the most talented teams in the country, but their wins are against Vandy, Murray State, and Arkansas State. No one but D’Andre Swift has been particularly impressive. When the season is over, I expect UGA will be #2 in these rankings. They just aren’t there yet.

5. Florida (3-0)

Give Florida credit for being undefeated, but raise one eyebrow for their outlook without Felipe Franks and raise the other for Kyle Trask’s mustache. Also, I would believe Dan Mullins owns this tuxedo.

6. Texas A&M (2-1)

I don’t feel great about any team below Florida. I get that we’re supposed to be high on A&M this year, but I am having trouble seeing why through 3 games. Kellen Mond is really good, but their whole offense seems to be built on him having a great game.

7. Mississippi State (2-1)

Let’s take a look at the end of Garrett Shrader’s highlight run.

8. Missouri (2-1)

Mizzou’s run game is strong. I am not positive that they are going to end up near the top of the East, but I didn’t think that last year either. Kelly Bryant has definitely improved, and I think that is going to make them competitive in games they shouldn’t be, plus after Carolina, I can’t see them really being challenged again until November.

9. Kentucky (2-1)

Kentucky just isn’t very good. Credit for being 2-1 and having a 5 game win streak over Carolina, but that is the only reason I have them above the Cocks. They have lost their QB for the year and even before that happened, they struggled to put away two MAC teams.

10. South Carolina (1-2)

Pure talent-wise, I am fine with anyone thinking Carolina should be ranked higher than this. Hilinski has been a nice surprise in terms of just how ready he was to lead an SEC team from the jump. Still, it can’t be overlooked that they’ve dropped both games against P5 competition they have played.

11. Ole Miss (2-1)

Ole Miss is decidedly not good, and I expect that to be evident this week against Cal. You know what would be a good way to get all your scholarships back and build that roster back up?

12. Arkansas (2-1)

Arkansas is so bad that I was genuinely shocked they beat Colorado State at home.

13. Tennessee (1-2)

If you played football the way Tennessee’s been playing football, you’d want everyone talking about some dumb t-shirt too.

14. Vanderbilt (0-3)

Every week as a Vanderbilt football fan.