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The GABACast, episode 132: Good teams win; great teams cover.

‘Bama was just too much Saturday, but that didn’t stop the Gamecocks from a backdoor cover.

NCAA Football: Alabama at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The outcome Saturday was not optimal. Would the outcome have been any different if the South Carolina Gamecocks were allowed to have the two touchdowns that the referees took away? It’s difficult to say, but it would’ve been alot more fun. Oh well. I hope the SEC officials enjoy their fruit and nut assortments they’ll get for Christmas.

Moving along, this week we break down the highlights and the lowlights from the game against the Alabama Crimson Tide (spoiler alert there’s Najee Harris talk so cover your ears), including thoughts on Carolina’s inability to defend the slant and their difficulties with finishing scoring drives. How can they face those concerns as the Gamecocks travel to Bizzaro Columbia to face the Missouri Tigers this weekend.

We also roll through winners and losers, including Pat Narduzzi’s terrible trip to the redzone, Ty’Son Williams showing the Trojans who the real USC is, a debate on the best team in Florida, and much much more!

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If you have half as much fun listening as we did making the show, then we had twice as much fun as you.