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The search for the next South Carolina baseball coach is almost over

We’re close.


A little bit of interesting news on the South Carolina baseball head coaching search dropped yesterday: Ray Tanner reported that the team would make a new hire “in the next few days”. Which would make sense, especially since their (probable) lead candidate was busy with something in Omaha this week.

So here’s a list of the serious candidates we’ve heard about thus far:

—Kevin O’Sullivan, Florida: a little tied up right now, but he’s really good, and probably isn’t coming here after winning a title tbh

—Josh Holliday, Oklahoma State: Two Supers and a College World Series appearance. Could do a lot worse, and probably the best they’ll be able to do outside of O’Sullivan

—Mark Kingston, South Florida: he went to North Carolina, so he KNOWS THE SOUTH, and led South Florida to regionals for the second time in three years, but he’s...meh

—Jim Toman, (formerly) Liberty: He used to work for Ray at South Carolina, so he’s an insider, but apart from leading the Flames to a pair of regionals...meh

—Tom Walter, Wake Forest: Sure, he led Wake to a Super this year, could probably do a lot better, and that doesn’t mean he’ll win in a much deeper SEC Nope, not coming here

—Monte Lee, Clemson: He’s not coming back

Simply put, I know we haven’t given it much coverage, and that’s because we know only about as much as you do about the search. But it looks like it’s starting to heat up and that it will come to a resolution soon.

Anyone on the above list strike your fancy? Someone else not on the list that you’d like to see them make a run at?