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Senior Day: A Duane Notice Tribute

The senior guard looks to take the court at Colonial Life Arena for the last time in his career.

NCAA Basketball: Tennessee at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The echoes of the announcer’s exclamation ring throughout Colonial Life Arena for the fifth time Saturday afternoon against Tennessee. His swagger regained, his shots falling once more, Notice looked like his old self again. The senior has had an interesting and colorful career at South Carolina, seeing the team through some of the toughest times in program history under a new coach, to the success of the last two seasons. And now he the NCAA Tournament is undoubtedly in his sights for the first time in his four year career.

Since the moment he stepped on campus, Notice was an impact player on both ends of the court. A three-star recruit from Toronto that spent a year of prep school in Oakdale, Connecticut, Notice saw starter’s minutes nearly right away. Over the next few years, Notice provided a tough defensive presence on the perimeter, as well as a three-pointer when needed. Notice often took on the role of taking on one of the opponent’s top options and limiting them, oftentimes very effectively.

NCAA Basketball: Alabama at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

This season, Notice has had a decent season shooting the three ball, posting a mark of 34%. However, despite this average percentage, he has had games where he shoots lights out, followed by others where he can’t hit anything. He has averaged 10.6 points per contest this season, playing third fiddle to Sindarius Thornwell and PJ Dozier, a nice niche for him to slide into this season. On the defensive side of the ball, he has been excellent. He plays tight defense, forcing turnovers and bad shots galore. Overall, his defensive presence is his most valuable contribution to this team, and will be what helps carry them through the post-season.

A valuable supporting player for the entirety of his career, Notice has been through some of the darker times in program history and now is reaping the benefits of his commitment to the program and the University of South Carolina. As this team improves more and more each season, it is important to remember how things used to be, and how the fanbase should be thankful for what these players have done. Every struggling program needs players as foundations for the future. McKie, Thornwell, and Notice were the foundations for where this team is today. So as they take the floor at Colonial Life Arena for the last time in their careers, applaud what they stand for: determination, belief, and trust in what Coach Martin is doing. For the first time in over ten years, it appears that this Gamecock team is going dancing.

So pack the Colonial Life Arena tonight, show out in full strength with full hearts and loud cheers. Be there for the players who stuck it out, who saw the light of improvement at the end of the tunnel and truly believed. This is their night. This is their team. This is the year for these seniors to achieve their dreams. Thank you, Duane Notice. We at Garnet & Black Attack, as well as the rest of the fanbase, appreciate all you have done.