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South Carolina’s PJ Dozier not selected in 2017 NBA Draft

The guard wasn’t one of 60 players picked in Thursday’s event.

South Carolina v Gonzaga Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

South Carolina guard PJ Dozier gave up the final two years of his college eligibility in hopes that he’d have his name called during the 2017 NBA Draft. As it turned out, it didn’t happen.

Call it bad advice, call it a result of the league’s GMs not feeling he was good enough to be selected, but Dozier was not one of the sixty players picked in the annual event. He’s likely to be a strong candidate to sign with a team as an undrafted free agent before the NBA Summer League opens on July 7, but the debate as to whether or not he should have stayed in college and looked to improve his stock as opposed to declaring as a sophomore is sure to be a hot button issue over the next few days.

We’ll keep an eye on PJ’s progress and keep you posted on what becomes of him, but it undoubtedly has to be a disappointing evening for the 20-year-old. We wish him success with his career - whether it’s domestically or overseas - down the road.