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South Carolina football recruiting: Shi Smith on commitment watch? Plus, Tre' Shaw puts Gamecocks in top 10

All of the day's recruiting news and notes in one place.

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The biggest news of the day happened late Wednesday night when head coach Will Muschamp tweeted out the two words that South Carolina fans like more than "Beat Clemson."

No word yet out of anyone anywhere about who it could be. There is some speculation around message boards that it could be a very big, very unexpected prospect - but no names yet. We will keep you updated and let you know as soon as that news comes out.

Commitment Watch

A name to keep an eye on is 2017 4-star receiver Shi Smith from Union. Smith, who is rated as the third best player in South Carolina and the 15th best receiver nationally, has been trending strongly in the Gamecocks' direction since Jake Bentley's commitment last week. It is no secret that Bentley will now be helping the staff recruit players to join him in Columbia and it looks like the Bentley effect is already making waves. There's no telling when Smith might pull the trigger, but it is safe to say that he is on commitment watch to the Gamecocks going forward. Smith would be an enormous get when considering both the current receiver talent on the roster and also when it comes to winning back the state of South Carolina. A Smith commitment would vault the Gamecocks into the top ten recruiting classes in the nation for 2017.

Making the Cut

2017 4-star cornerback Tre' Shaw tweeted out his top ten schools and the Gamecocks made the early cut. Shaw (who has the name necessary to be a Gamecock legend) stated that these were the schools recruiting him the hardest. It is becoming more and more common every day, but it is still nice to now see recruits telling people the South Carolina staff is after them as hard or harder than other schools.

The Gamecocks also made the cut list for Charlotte, NC 3-star offensive tackle Eric Douglas, who announced that South Carolina, Florida, Maryland, Penn State and North Carolina are the schools he is most focused on. Douglas has been trending towards the Gamecocks for some time and many believe it is only a matter of when he will pull the trigger, not if.

Making Strides in 2018

Speaking of recruiting players harder than other schools, 2018 defensive lineman Josh Belk, easily one of the biggest must-have recruits of the next few years for the Gamecocks, has South Carolina and Clemson tied at the top of his list and said that he hears from the Gamecock coaches the most of anyone. Belk is the 4th ranked defensive tackle nationally and the second ranked player in South Carolina in the 2018 class.

The Gamecocks also find themselves tied on top with the Tigers for 2018 defensive end Xavier Thomas, who is the number one player in South Carolina in 2018. Thomas is another must-have guy and the Gamecocks are in great shape with him as well. Thomas grew up a Gamecocks fan, so the staying power is there. One thing is certain in both Belk and Thomas' cases: South Carolina will not lose out due to lack of effort by our staff.