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The Feed Pail November 28, 2015: Nobody is picking the Gamecocks in their last game of the season

Beat Clemson!

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

GamecockCentral: Palmetto Bowl: USC-Clemson Preview. Scott Hood asks how you stop an offense like Clemson's if you have a defense like Carolina's, then answers his own question with "You probably don't." He predicts a 37-17 loss for Carolina. And here are the rest of the staff predictions. Unsurprisingly, nobody picks the Gamecocks. The closest score predicted is from Jeff Tyner and it's a 34-24 loss.

Post&Courier: For Gamecocks' Perry Orth, a season of satisfaction and frustration all in one. The string of events that led to us starting a former sixth-string walk-on quarterback for most of the season was unfortunate, but it's still really cool for Perry Orth that he got his chance like this. Also, Gamecocks vs. Clemson: High stakes and 'all the stops'

TheState: Five story lines for USC-Clemson game. The first is "Goodbye Pharoh" and now I'm sad. Clemson at South Carolina by the numbers: Biggest Palmetto Bowl mismatch?

TheBigSpur: 2-4-7 Breakdown: Gamecocks outpace Lipscomb. At least basketball is fun!