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Spurrier Speaks at SEC Meetings In Destin

Steve Spurrier addressed the media Tuesday night at the annual SEC Meetings in Destin. The HBC addressed his quarterback situation, the satellite camps debate, and more.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

When spring begins to turn to summer, each SEC football head coach and the officials that rule the Southeastern Conference gather in Destin, FL for the annual SEC Meetings.

All kinds of business is broken down, discussed, and worked on. Each head coach also goes through some type of media availability. It's a warm-up of sorts for July's SEC Media Days, a four-day heap of madness.

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier addressed the media that was present in Destin Tuesday night. He didn't have much to say but he did deliver some pieces of news that should be passed along.

He said that he plans to name his starting quarterback the week before the season opener vs. North Carolina. Not a huge surprise. Coming out of the spring Spurrier said that was likely the plan unless someone ran away with the competition this summer.

Connor Mitch is the favorite and has far-and-away the best arm of the three. Perry Orth is a cerebral player who will not make many mistakes, a profile right up Spurrier's alley considering his distaste for interceptions. The HBC commented several times this spring about the improvement he saw in Michael Scarnecchia's game. While both players have received their fair share of praise from Spurrier, it's the worst kept secret in the state that Connor Mitch will be the starting quarterback that September night in Charlotte.

Last year's national topic was the pace-of-play, tempo debate. This year's topic is the arrival of satellite camps. Penn State head coach James Franklin was the brainchild behind the movement and Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh has taken it to a new level.

Coaches go to camps hosted by other schools, institutions, programs, etc. as guests during the summer, gaining an extra recruiting advantage and placing a foot in territory their school may not be well represented. The SEC and ACC prohibits their coaches from doing this but the Big Ten has no such sanctions.

Spurrier gave his brief take on the national matter Tuesday night. "Our league prefers they would be outlawed (nationally)," Spurrier said as he stood in front of the group of invited media members. It's the stance that every SEC coach holds as its conference will introduce legislation to ban the loophole this summer.

Spurrier also mentioned that offensive lineman Mike Matulis and Brandon Shell will be ready for preseason camp after both undergoing surgery after the season and missing spring practice.

News and updates will be provided as the week goes on should anything else come out of this year's SEC Meetings.