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The Feed Pail: South Carolina licks its wounds after being blown out by Clemson


NCAA Football: South Carolina at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

TBS: Not one, but two reports of Clemson players and/or fans using racial slurs during the game - one from BAW, and the other from Dante Sawyer. If there was one reported instance, it would have been worth looking into, but two reports from two different players raises some eyebrows. Also, turns out Jake Bentley was banged up before halftime. Although the offense moved the ball a little better when Brandon McIlwain came in, it’s pretty irrelevant because it was garbage time. There’s no QB controversy: Bentley’s getting the call in the bowl game.

The State: Kendall rolls out his postgame recap and gives his breakdown of Muschamp’s postgame comments. More on Mike Williams’ big game last night, including when he physically carried Jamarcus King on his back to the end zone. Also, more allegations by Gamecocks players of “disrespect” from Clemson. “A.J. Turner said Will Muschamp in the postgame told the team he didn’t like what Clemson did.” Men’s hoops beat Syracuse yesterday, and Cloninger feels that a Top 25 ranking is on the horizon, as well it should be.

P&C: Aaron Brenner’s recap of the game. Muschamp: “Wasn’t much offensively or defensively.” Dabo: “Our best game of the year.” Caraviello on both teams’ potential postseason destinations, and some other news and notes from the contest. Sapakoff’s column: “The Gamecocks must make the rivalry fun again.”

Daily Gamecock: This season’s still a success, says Adam Orfinger. Agreed. From my vantage point, six wins and a bowl would be considered progress for this team. Here we are on November 27, and they’ve done just that. (Although they could have taken the path of least resistance on the way.)

SportsTalk: Our man K-Mac after the game: “There’s a grand canyon talent gap between these two rivals and Muschamp knows it as well as anyone.” I hate to keep harping on Steve Spurrier and his relaxed recruiting later in his career - depending on his reputation rather than take an active role in bringing good players in - but this can be related, both directly and indirectly, by a lack of hustle on the previous staff’s part on the recruiting trail. Was part of last night’s loss due to coaching? Absolutely. But there’s a lot of truth to the old “Jims and Joes beat X’s and O’s” saying, too.