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Sporting News leaves South Carolina out of 2016 bowl projections, which means absolutely nothing

It's really, really early to be predicting these.

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

It's almost June, which means that we're almost three months from the beginning of the college football season. It also means that it's time for ridiculously early projections of bowl games that will happen about six months from now, even though you can't exactly know what will happen from that far out.

Take the Sporting News. This past weekend, the website released an early look at the 80 teams who they thought would be bowl bound this upcoming season. If you want to get your early guesses on who will appear in the Camelia Bowl, Foster Farms Bowl, or National Funding Holiday Bowl - which are real, actual bowls - now's your time. According to the website, however, the South Carolina Gamecocks will not be one of those 80 teams that will see a postseason in their future.

Gamecocks fans may be feeling the snub today after reading that article. The good news? This is the same Sporting News that had Auburn, TCU, Ohio State, and Oregon in the College Football Playoff last year. Well, not quite. The Buckeyes probably would have made it to the CFP if they had beaten Sparty, TCU came close, Oregon started 3-3 to see their title hopes dashed early, and Auburn? Well... (Their defensive coordinator ended up getting another shot at a head coaching job, though!)

In short, take this list with a grain of salt.