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Jake Bentley just low-key put Jake Venables in his place on Twitter

It’s talking season!

NCAA Football: Birmingham Bowl-South Florida vs South Carolina Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

You know Jake Bentley is a sophomore-to-be quarterback for the South Carolina Gamecocks. Bentley would have been playing high school football in 2016 had he not graduated last summer (just a reminder in case you’ve forgotten, despite the 57,000 times it was brought up by ESPN) and stands to have an inside track on the starting quarterback job in 2017.

Bentley’s goal before he leaves Columbia is pretty clear.

“I’m thinking to stay here for four years right now. I want to win a national championship, and however long that takes I’m going to do it...The young talent that we have is definitely ready to win a national championship, win an SEC championship. We are willing to do whatever it takes.”

Now let’s introduce another Jake to the story. Jake Venables is a Clemson commit for the class of 2018 and the son of Tigers defensive coordinator Brent Venables. His response to Bentley’s comments was short and to the point.

The problem with Venables’ response is that last night, he had tweeted this.

A wise statement (we might add) but perfect ammo for Bentley to strike back with a blow of his own.

Pretty safe to say that Bentley won this round. Hopefully it translates to a streak of wins on the football field against the team Upstate, though.