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First of all, thanks to all the voters who took part in the SEC Power Poll this season. And, of course, thanks to everyone who looks in on the Power Poll. We hope that it's provided a valuable service, a unique or informative perspective, or something that promped you to yell at the computer or throw a brick through the monitor. As long as you're not at work. That can be expensive. Not that I speak from experience or anything.

Now, without further ado, the 2007 Postseason SEC Power Poll:

1. LSU (10), 131 points
Just as wayward Roll Bama Roll returns to the fold, Track 'Em Tigers wanders off the reservation. You people and your "independent thought."

  1. Georgia (1), 122 points
  1. Florida, 100 points
  1. Tennessee, 100 points
  1. Auburn, 93 points
  1. Mississippi State, 73
  1. Kentucky, 70 points
  1. Arkansas, 52 points
  1. Alabama, 50 points
  1. South Carolina, 32 points
  1. Vanderbilt, 24 points
  1. Mississippi, 11 points

Next up, we have the East (Orange) vs. West (Blue) charted over the course of the season. This is the average number of points scored by the average team from each divison. (In other words, the average points per ballot for all division teams were averaged together.) A note of caution: On some weeks, voters from blogs covering teams in the East had a higher participation rate than the West. But also notice that in the final week, when we have 6 East voters and 5 West voters, there's still a gap.

Screw the conference wars. Let the division wars begin.

What follows is our usual look at some comments we received from our voters as well as a chart for each team showing their movement over the year. Not all are precisely to the same scale, but they show pretty well the movement -- or, with teams like Mississippi, lack thereof -- that defined a topsy-turvy SEC season.

See all that after the jump...

1. LSU

Feels great, but I still think there should be a playoff.--And the Valley Shook

When you win it all, there is no room left for doubt.--Glenn, A Sea of Blue

Just like Florida one year before them, they took Ohio State's best shot early, responded with a haymaker or two of their own, and kept punching until their opponent was a dazed, bloody pulp. Congrats to the Tigers, and thanks for going a long way toward proving to the haters that this whole "SEC superiority" thing really ISN'T a myth.--Doug, Hey Jenny Slater

2. Georgia

Top flight running back, top flight quarterback, improving defense, improving offensive line and lots of athleticism. While I don't think they are at the level of a healthy LSU, they were the hottest team in the league since the Tennessee game. Hawaii was not a worthy opponent for this squad.--Scott, Orange & Blue Hue

Mahalo nui loa Georgia for hushing the Hawaii lovers out there. You'll probably be the pre-season SEC favorites for 2008.--Tide Druid

3. Florida

The Gators are a step down from UGA and LSU. Offensively they are as good as anyone, defensively they are near the bottom of the conference. Defense wins Championships, offense wins Heismans.--Scott, O&BH

What the hell? If you had asked me before the bowl season which team could not possibly lose its game, I'd have said the Gators. Tebow and crew looked awesome at the end of the season. I knew Michigan would be fired up, but they dominated the Gators.--Quinton, Georgia Sports Blog

4. Tennessee

The most efficient offense in the league despite never having a serious deep threat to stretch the field. Ainge will be sorely missed next year. The defense improved as the year went along but couldn't stop any good teams not named Georgia or Wisconsin.--Scott, O&BH

What's better than beating a drunk Big 10 school? Beating the drunkest Big 10 school.--Tide Druid

5. Auburn

Losing defensive coordinator Will Muschamp to Texas takes significant steam out of any offseason momentum the team had after finding a new starting QB in Kodi Burns during the Chick-fil-A Bowl.--ATVS

For a team that looked so hapless in September, Auburn certainly got it done in the end.--Glenn, ASOB

6. Mississippi State

What a fabulous year. Hats off to Croom in every way.--ATVS

I can't speak for anyone else, but for me, the most inspiring moment of the entire bowl season might've been MSU's players giving Sylvester Croom the ol' Gatorade baptism and then racing to midfield at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium to hoist the Liberty Bell trophy. This team has suffered so much embarrassment and disappointment over the past seven seasons, and it was great to see them finally break through and win a bowl game (completely suffocating one of the nation's most potent offenses in the process). The SEC West isn't getting any easier, but if Croom can continue developing an even remotely competent offense to go with that D, the Bizarro Bulldogs will be a regular bowl contender.--Doug, HJS

7. Kentucky

What an odd year for Kentucky: ascendance for the downtrodden football program, a drastic fall for the once-mighty basketball 'Cats (now 7-7 after beginning the year in the Top 20). At least they still have Ashley Judd.--ATVS

Another good bowl win for the Cats, even if it was against a team that had suspended everybody but the water boy.--Quinton, GSB

Dropped 35 points on an FSU team so depleted by a cheating scandal that the entire team made the trip up to Nashville in two Toyota Siennas. It'll be interesting to see whether Rich Brooks can maintain the Wildcats' return to respectability with Andre Woodson graduating.--Doug, HJS

8. Arkansas

A schizophrenic end to a bipolar season. Fitting.--Glenn, ASOB

I appreciate you taking some heat off of Nick Saban, Mr. Petrino. Now, for your next trick, make McFadden and Jones stick around while turning Casey Dick into the next................... uh..... Doug Flutie? Just a shot in the dark, because I don't follow Casey Dick at all. I imagine he isn't mobile though, which makes the Flutie comment funny, right?--Tide Druid

9. Alabama

Nick Saban won the Indy Bowl with Mike Shula's players.--ATVS

Glad to win our final game against Colorado. What's the difference between John Parker Wilson and Ralphie the Buffalo? One is a head strong behemoth that never lets its limited physical abilities keep it from running, and the other one is a Buffalo.--Tide Druid

Not a good team, not a bad team, amazing at times, head scratchingly, remote control throwingly, profanity laced tirade-ingly frustrating at times, but generally just, well, a half way decent football team with a boat load of issues to overcome.--Todd, Roll Bama Roll

10. South Carolina

The Evil Genius needs to find some of that old magic next year.--Glenn, ASOB

Whatever.--Todd, RBR

11. Vanderbilt

Does everyone realize a grand total of 11 points separated 5-7 Vandy from being 8-4 with victories over Georgia, Kentucky, AND Tennessee?--ATVS

Vandy is Vandy . . . new talk about how they are turning the corner but the same results on the field. Close only counts for horseshoes and hand grenades.--Scott, O&BH

12. Ole Miss

If six or seven wins, a bowl bid now and again, and reasonably regular beatings of Mississippi State will make Ole Miss fans happy, then Houston Nutt just walked into paradise. But this about the '07 season, a season in which the Rebels sucked mightily.--Todd, RBR

Made one of the shrewdest hires of the off-season by jumping on Houston Nutt almost the minute his U-Haul left the Fayetteville city limits. Still, after a 10-25 record over the last three years, can we now officially say that firing David Cutcliffe was one of the all-time dumbest moves in the history of the SEC?--Doug, HJS