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Previewing the Papa John's Bowl: Topics for Discussion on UConn's Defense

Can we continue to play well in all aspects of the offense? We finally saw a balanced, diversified offense against Clemson. We threw the ball, ran it, used an array of sets and blocking schemes, and put Stephon Gilmore in the Wildcat. We did all of these things with great success. That led to 34 points and a solid victory over a good team. Going up against a team that has struggled in most aspects of its defense, we should be able to find lots of ways to move the ball. UConn nationally ranks 50th against the rush, 95th against the pass, 73rd in total, and 57th scoring. Yes, you can now proceed to lick your lips.

Will we see the Wildcat? All I have to say is that we better.

Can we light up UConn throwing the football deep? In addition to being generally vulnerable against the pass, UConn's two starting corners--Blidi Wreh-Wilson and Robert McClain--measure in at 6'0 and 5'9, respectively. That should lead to disadvantages whenever Alshon Jeffery or Tori Gurley are on the field, and if we can get them both on at the same time, as the coaching staff has pledged to do, we could enjoy a huge matchup advantage on the jump ball.

Can we limit turnovers? Although our turnover margin on the year is poor due to our defense's inability to force many turnovers, our offense has been quite reliable in terms of protecting the ball. That's something we need to see continue against UConn, a team that has often survived giving up lots of yards by forcing turnovers. The Huskies have forced 23 turnovers on the year.

So, what do you think? What else is important?