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Tuesday News and Notes: South Carolina Prep Talent, More Previews, and other News

Interesting article here on the next two prep classes in the state of South Carolina. The fact that we could rake in a couple of top 10 classes, including bringing in some of the top prospects in the country at positions of need, suggests a couple of things to me. First of all, the time has never been better for us to have a couple of good years. Winning seasons could assuage some of the reservations these guys might be having about staying home to play for the Gamecocks. Second of all, some of those wins need to come against Clemson and, to a lesser degree, NC State and UNC. We'll be competing directly with those schools in what are bound to be some stiff recruiting wars.

Some preview action:

Leftover Hot Dog asks which losses will hurt the most. I'm thinking the guys in the secondary. We're razor thin at those positions.

Seth Emerson talks about reasons that the Gamecocks might be up or down.

The Post and Courier's Travis Haney ranks Eric Norwood, Cliff Matthews, and Darian Stewart among the top 20 SEC defenders. He has Norwood at four, above Rolando McClain and Brandon Spikes. I hope he's right; my heart tells me he is but my head tells me I'm not so sure. He doesn't have UK's Micah Johnson on his list; I strongly disagree with him there.

Finally, check out what's going on right now with Demetris Summers and Derek Watson.